Deel met anderen/Share British veteran Battle of Arnhem John Waddy (100) passed away
Today we received the news that the Arnhem veteran John Waddy has passed away. In June I sent him another card because of his 100th birthday. In 2011 John Waddy gave a battlefield tour over the 156th Batalion the Parachute Regiment, of which he was part. John Waddy was injured after his landing on the Ginkel Heath on September 18, 1944 and was taken to hotel Tafelberg. It was a very special experience for us to hear about John Waddy's experiences.
The Battlefield Tour with John Waddy in 2011
John Waddy during our battlefield tour on the Ginkel Heath, where he landed with his 156 Batalion The Parachute Regiment on September 18, 1944.
This picture I took of John Waddy in a Jeep driving him around
I took this unique photo in restaurant Schoonoord while John Waddy was talking to an Oosterbeekse.
John Waddy's battlefield tour ended at the Airborne Museum, where I took this picture.
John Waddy in on the John Frost bridge at Arnhem
John Waddy 100 years
Omroep Gelderland reports about the death of John Waddy