On Saturday 11 November 2017 we were in the Concert Hall at Rozensteeg 1 at Oosterbeek where the Association of Friends of the Airborne Museum held her first Airborn day. Various members of the association showed their collection, such as uniforms, parachutes, stock containers and more of the British Airbornes during Operation Market Garden.
Interestingly, the stock containers are shown, which dropped stocks of aircraft. Already used in the war years to provide local resistance with weapons, ammunition and equipment. During operation Market Garden, the containers were used to supply the Airbornes.
Nice meetings with acquaintances and book tables, including those of our well-known  Wil Rieken, active for the Airborn Museum.
Beautiful silk parachutes with different colors to mark the load.
Stand van de Expositie Glider Collection Wolfheze