Arrive at a rainy Oosterbeek. Driving along Benedendorpseweg I saw the Old Church, where major Lonsdale held his 'pep talk' on September 20, 1944
On 18 March 2017 I was at the Annual General Meeting of the Friends Airborne Museum (VVAM) in the Concert Hall at tRozensteeg 1 at Oosterbeek. It is a pleasure again to meet good friends. A meeting with a deputy directors and deputy chairman, Gerard Gijsbertsen. Unfortunately, the interim chairman Alex Koning deceased suddenly in January. For the association he has created plan to follow in the future. This plan will be followed. The aim is to achieve a better relationship with the Airborne Museum. Discussions with the board of the museum are rather difficult .

Wil Rieken at the book table.

The current acting Chairman Gerard Gijsbertsen thanks the last year resigned Chairman Ben Kolster.

Ben Kolster gives instructions to his wife for using the camera.

After the meeting a lecture by Martin Peters on his book Desert Rise - Arnhem Descent
Display: para uniform 10th Battalion in connection with the lecture by Martin Peters, a pigeons holder, because messages were sent by means of pigeons and the SS helmet of Major-General Heinz Harmel.