GRONINGEN 16 April 2017 - On this sunday afternoon we visit the Liberation Forest in Groningen. This is a forest on the edge of the city of Groningen near Noorddijk, between the Lewenborg district and the village Garmerwolde.
The forest was planted in 1995 at the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, as a gratitude and tribute to the Canadian liberators of Groningen in April 1945. There are 30,000 maples, the leaf of leaf (leafle leaf) Is the national symbol of canada.
In and beside the Bevrijdingsbos there are also the so-called 'Square of the World', an information board, a memorial bench and a memorial stone with the names of the Canadian army units that expelled the Germans at the time.
Through the forest is a path of large stones from 10 different countries, with the children's ten rights thereon. The path ends with a stone with the eleventh right: the child's right to play outside and without fear.
Then we continued to the beautiful church of Noorddijk. We found it a very nice area for walking on Sunday afternoon.

The church of Noorddijk, Stephanus church, within the municipality of Groningen, was a Roman church built around 1250. The church was devoted to Saint Stephan.