On Tuesday evening December 3, 2019 we were in Ede, where we were a guest at Platform Militaire Historie Ede in the forge at the former barracks for a lecture by Gerard Gijsbertsen about the discovery of a mysterious box when working on a diver.
On 14 June 2016, employees at the MariŽndaal Estate in Arnhem were busy repairing the masonry of the diver who leads the Klingelbeek under the Spoorlaan. Suddenly a chest became visible behind the retaining wall. The work was halted and the Explosives Clearance Service Defence (EODD) arrived at the site. The chest was full of explosives and the explosives had an American blackjack on them.
There was also a note with a table of contents in Dutch. The chest itself was used by the Germans, but was of Belgian origin.
The explosives had an American blackjack on them.
During the lecture, the question of who left the coffin was addressed. The Dutch resistance? A secret service of the allies such as the SOE or SAS. After extensive research it appears that this is the most likely scenario: that the materials were left behind by the Abwehr for collaborators who could start an underground war against the Allies.