We end the year 2018 with a visit to Museum Deelen on Saterday 29 December. with a nice meeting with our well-known employee  Bas Schoel, who has told us a lot about the history of Fliegerhorst Deelen. The largest German airport in Europe during the war. Interesting is the exhibition of the in the vicinity of Deelen found Messerschmitt 262. This year the museum has new website

More about Museum vlb Deelen on ARS Website

On our way to Museum Deelen we past bakery Reijnen in Schaarsbergen.
Across the road from the bakery Reijnen is this row of beautiful houses.

At the end of this year my wife Elly had baked delicious apple pie.
Nice part we find in the back of the museum where finds from the Canadian army depot, at the time at Koningsweg, are exhibited. From the museum you have a fantastic view of the field, which was full of Canadian army vehicles at the time. In the museum is another Canadian Bedford, like so many have been on the grounds near Deelen airport on Koningsweg in 1945.
Nice view through the window from the museum of the terrain on which the Canadian army dump was located in 1945. Here the redundant army vehicles were stored. On the left the Koningsweg which runs between Schaarsbergen and Arnhem.
Lovely relaxed sitting overlooking the grounds of the former Canadian army dump along which the Koningsweg runs.

Teerose is the name of three German radio dips stations from the Second World War, located northeast of Arnhem in the Dutch province of Gelderland. The stations used a new method, the so-called Y-level method, with which the location of their own fighter planes could be determined while at the same time (spoken) radio communication was possible with the surveyed aircraft. The stations were close to the former Fliegerhorst Deelen and the command bunker Diogenes, on three hills of over a hundred meters high.
Appeal of the Swedish Red Cross after the arrival of two ships loaded with food in de port of Delfzijl January 1945.

Parachute and flight equipment

Operation Manna

A scene showing a farmer hiding an allied pilot.
My wife watching a video about the air war over the Netherlands.
A Rolls-Royce Merlin engine of a crashed Spitfire.

Allied pilot with flight equipment. On the left is a supply container that was dropped together with paratroopers when they landed in enemy territory during command actions or during the landings at Arnhem during operation Market Garden.

In the vicinity of Deelen found parachute and flight equipment.

Appeal by the Swedish Red Cross after the arrival of two food ships in the port of Delfzijl in january 1945.

This display case is dedicated to Operation Manna. The shedding of food parcels by allied bombers above the starving west of the Netherlands.

Night hunt: German night fighter attacks a British bomber. During the day the American USAAF carried out bombardment flights over Germany and the British Royal Airforce at night. German night fighters were stationed at Fliegerhorst Deelen, mostly the Messerschmitt Bf-110.