Today the reconstruction work viewed on the site of Camp Westerbork . By placing photos, voice columns with excerpts from the diary of Etty and poles along the path to the entrance , with each pole date of transport and number of deportees , the history of this place is still insistent. The track is already there and one of these days two wagons will be placed historical cognate restored. And barrack 56 is extended with a wooden silhouette to get a good impression of the size.
Probing pictures on the camp grounds bring the events in this place closer.
The house of camp commandant Gemmeker is the only thing original on the camp grounds. The house which is to retain in poor condition has been placed in a showcase.
To keep the memory alive to that many deportations of Jews two wagons will be placed soon. The track is already there and a photo of Settela symbolizes the departure of the deportation train.

Barak 56 is expanded to reveal the original size of the building.

Watchtower and national monument, designed by camp survivor Ralph Prins, deceased on 23 January 2015. Near he tower a picture of those years with a view over the camp area.
Along the road from the memorial center to the camp ground poles are placed thereon a board indicating date of transport and the number of deportees.