If the Jewish classmates of Jack Long (1930) increasingly disappear after the raids he feels a growing fear. His parents decide to go into hiding in 1942. "It's not easy to tell how it feels to be in hiding, always afraid it was discovered that I was not called Bob or Hans More and other strange people in the house, and tomorrow perhaps another place.." Eventually Jack Lange into Gasselternijveen.
Jack de Lange vertelt zijn boeiend en aangrijpend verhaal over hoe hij als 12 jarige moest zien te overleven als Joodse onderduiker. Hij verbleef op wel dertig verschillende adressen en nergens was hij echt veilig omdat de bezetter jacht op hem maakte. Op de dia is hij te zien als leerling op de HBS, toen hij na de oorlog een inhaalslag maakte.

Jack Lange tells his fascinating and harrowing story of how he and 12-year-old had to survive as Jews hiding. He stayed at least thirty different addresses, and he was nowhere really safe because the occupying forces hunted him. On the slide, he is seen as a student in high school, when he made a catch-up after the war.

The name De Lange also appeared on the list of Jewish names composed by the Germans.

On several slides showing where he has been hiding. See the orange markings. Taking a picture of a family in hiding.


The children present were allowed to sit on the stage and sat throughout the lecture quiet and enthralled listening to.

After many wanderings Jack Lange eventually ended up with relatives Beens in Gasselternijveen.