Saturday August 22, 2015. A special afternoon in Middelstum. First we visited the war museum of Ties Groenewold. Particularly interesting! Then we drove by and saw Middelstum on the fence of the cemetery sign War. On the Internet there looked up the names of killed resistance fighters from Middelstum buried there. When we got into conversation with a resident of Middelstum. She has the girl been through the war in Middelstum conscious. She said she ducked and were shot by the Germans on the street in front of her two resistance fighters in Middelstum during an air raid in a ditch. They knew all the resistance fighters in this cemetery personally. Then you become quiet and still, the war that was 70 years ago suddenly close.

Op de begraafplaats van Middelstum liggen deze verzetsstrijders begraven.
Ms. Kamminga is resident of Middelstum and still remember what it was like during the war. We get into conversation with her and listen to her story fascinated.