On Saturday afternoon 21 September 2018 I went to Oosterbeek at the beginning of the Airborne Weekend. A weekend of commemorations of operation Market Garden. In Oosterbeek it means expressing the close bond with the British 1st Airborne Division who fought from 17 to 25 September 1944 around the Arnhem bridge and the Oosterbeek perimeter. It's getting less and less, but it was a very special experience for me to meet some veterans again. First I visited the Dressing Station in the Concert Hall at Rozensteeg 3. After that I brought two more new books that were signed by the writer on the day of issue at bookstore Meijer & Siegers. In Oosterbeek there were also jeeps and other army vehicles from the Second World War.


Keith Collman autographs my copy of the book Veterans at Arnhem.
Bob Gerritsen autographs my copy of the book Fighting the British at Arnhem.

Villa 'Quatre Bras' with a memorial, dedicated to the 21st Independend Parachute Infantry Regiment, at the junction Utrechtseweg-Stationsweg, where a fierce battle raged in September 1944 and where the British field hospitals were located in hotel Schoonoord and the hotel Vreewijk, located diagonally opposite.

Car wreck for hotel Schoonoord.

Schoonoord today. Most of the building belongs to bookshop Meijer en Siegers.

Wreck of a medical jeep at hotel Vreewijk on the corner Utrechtsestraat-Stationsweg.

Recordings by the dashcam in the car. Right restaurant Schoonoord. Meeting place for veterans and their families. Now there are many jeeps because it is Airborne Weekend, which commemorates the Battle of Arnhem during operation Market Garden, 74 years ago.
And then I see a veteran on the right. It's so nice to meet them today in Oosterbeek.
View of the crossing Utrechtseweg-Stationstraat with restaurant Schoonoord to the right