On April 10, 2015 took place in the framework of the commemoration of the liberation of Groningen 70 years ago, a performance space for the Paterswoldseweg. Canadian troops, backed by tanks reached the border of the city. Acted out was that while Canadians fought their way to the city, the tank Fred Butterworth was disabled by a Panzerfaust, a German anti-tank weapon. We could see the spectacle at the height of Paterswoldseweg 188.

The tank with Fred Butterworth who was hit by a Panzerfaust at the Paterswoldseweg amounting to number 188. The tank then drove inside the block that caused it burned down. Fred Butterworth died in the crash. His brother, Stanley Butterworth, who served in the same tank regiment, The Fort Garry Horse, also participated in the Battle of Groningen, but survived. Stanley Butterworth was during the commemorations of the Battle of Groningen, the center of its activities. He laid a wreath at number 188 in memory of his brother and 42 other Canadian soldiers who died during the Battle of Groningen. Which lasted from 13 to April 16, 2015.

This Sherman M4A tank showed how Fred Butterworth was hit by a Panzerfaust en knocked out at Paterswoldseweg 188.

Impressive moment when the Canadian veteran Stanley Butterworth arrives in a jeep to lay a wrap on the spot where his brother Fred was killed in action in his tank.