On Saturday, April 11th, 2016 we were at the opening of the exhibition "Together for another. Resistance in Pekela 1940-1945 ', about the resistance in Pekela during World War II. The opposition was organized into two camps. There were many Reformed people represented in the resistance, but also no less active communist resistance. During the war, they were united in the active resistance against the German occupier. But after the war there was discord, especially when in the first years after the war the Communists who had been in the resistance received no compensation for the 40-45 Foundation since a strong anti-communist mood had arisen because of the Cold War between East and west. Happy ending was made this distinction in the 50s.

The exhibition was provided by the introduction of Betty Jongejan of Oorlogs- en Verzetscentrum Groningen OVCG. The exhibition was opened by Deputy Mayor Jaap Kuin of Pekela. We got the documentary "One in times of conflict - Bitterly divided in peace to see. Then we could see the exhibition.

My wife Elly listening attentively.

Betty Jongejan of OVCG made an introduction.

More than 100 people were present at the community center.

My wife Elly read carefully about the resistance in Pekela.

We had a meeting with the daughter of the Resistance fighter Adolfus Lukken.