Tuesday evening 19 November 2019 Frederik Paauwe held a lecture about three Allied air raids over the municipality of Ede in the period 1943 - 1945 in the forge of Platform Militaire Historie Ede, Especially the air raid on 19 November 1944 on a conference site at the Molenweg in Lunteren, at that time the local headquarters of the Dutch Army Guard, was told by him in detail. In this attack by a squadron of British Hawker Typhoon fighter-bombers the British pilot John A. Hollingworth was killed. What was special was that under the hearing of Mr. Paauwe there were a few witnesses, who had seen this attack with their own eyes in November 1944.

photographs: Platform Militaire Historie Ede

HHistorian and researcher Freederik C. Paauwe also had two booklets with him with the story of his research. The first has the title 'The last flight of Dolor Martin and the second has the title 'Searching for Lieutenant Greene, The 351st Fighter Squadron and Operation Market Garden'. This pilot crashed with his Hawker Typhoon on September 17, 1944 at Wekerom during operation Market Garden after being hit by German defensive artillery, while his brother was killed in the Pacific.