On Saturday, April 11th, 2015 I was in Westerbork, where the liberation of the village 70 years ago was commemorated. Historic military vehicles of Keep Them Rolling had arrived in a motorcade in the context of The Final Push and had an encampment near the village.


People walked in clothing from the 40s around the village.

In the presence of French veterans a memorial ceremony was held, followed by an impressive spectacle, where bar Slomp, then headquarters of the Germans, was stormed by French paratroopers of the SAS. Because it is not practical was the building which housed the cafe was originally to storm the town was temporarily renamed German headquarters.

Willem van der Veer has played an important role in the liberation of Westerbork and was therefore considered comprehensive. Unfortunately he is now deceased, but I had the honor to meet him in 2001 in the former War Museum on Kloosterstraat 9 in Assen, where he has two books to me signed: "The Gideonsbende 'and' Dutch War Novel Omnibus."

IIn the village were also modern vehicles of the Army.

First a visit to the camp with historical military vehicles of Keep Them Rolling who have followed the route of the motorcade from Groesbeek Canadian liberators in April 1945. The Final Push.

Het gemeentehuis was tijdelijk omgedoopt tot Hotel Restaurant Slomp waarin de Duitse bezetter in het dorp het hoofdkwartier had. In een voorstelling werd die middag het hoofdkwartier bestormd door Franse parachutisten van de SAS. Figuranten in kleding uit de jaren '40 speelden de dorpsbewoners in bezettingstijd, die werden gecontroleerd. Tijdens de strijd raakt de Duitse commandant zwaar gewond.