Obersalzberg bunker
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On 24 August 2005 together with my son David I made a tour to the Obersalzberg organized by a touroperator in Berchtesgaden. Together with my family I was on holiday in Kirchberg in Austria, two hours driving from Berchtesgaden. Being very interested in the history of World War Two I was very curious to the Obersalzberg, After all on this mountain the Führer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler had his home. But not only Hitler but also other top persons in the Third Reich were living there, like Hermann Göring and Albert Speer. In those days there were three security zones on the Obersalzberg, the so called "Führersperrgebiet". Going on the Obersalzberg I discovered that most of what reminded to Hitler was removed. Nothing was left of his house, called "The Berghof". The road on the Obersalzberg built by the Nazis is still there and leads to only original house of Hitler: "Eagle's Nest". A project of Martin Bormann as a present for Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday. This house is not easy to reach. First you have to go by bus to a parking place. From there you walk through a tunnel and finally in a elevator. But before going on top of the Obersalzberg to the Eagle's Nest you must see the bunker complex under the mountain first. And also there is a documentation center. Unfortunately there was not enough time to stay there. So that is for the next visit to the Obersalzberg.