Corridor of Death
Falaise 1944
Juno beach
La Cambe
La Fière
Omaha Beach
Pegasus Bridge
Pegasus Memorial
US cemetery

From 24 up to 28 May 2006 I went for the fourth time to the invasion beaches in normandy. Also this time it was an impressive travel. There was much recognision, but nevertheless it differs each time. This time I went with a battlefield tour that had been organised by the Friends of the Airborne Museum. It was an instructive travel with expert guides. Because of this we visited not only the invasion beaches, but also attention was paid to the following battle for normandy. We visited places which were important during the battle for Falaise. Here the Germans were included into the Falaise pocket. Nearly 100.000 Germans succeeded in slipping through the Allied net between August 12th and 20th. In 1994, I went for the first time to normandië. Also an organised travel organised This was a travel within the framework of the 50ste commemoration of D-Day. That travel made so much impression on me, that I decided to visit the invasion beaches again. The second time I went in 1999, to in the English sector: Gold, Juno and Sword. In 2001, I went for the third time to the American sector: Utah and Omaha.