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Together with my family I made an unforgetable Battlefield Tour to Berlin (13-18 July 2008). You may find the history on the street. Wherever we were someting special has happened on that place. Ofcourse we saw the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag building, but we were also in the Fernsehturm, the proud of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or in German Deutsche Democratische Republic. From out this tower we had a fabulous view over the city of Berlin. We were guest of Berliner Unterwelten. We saw an exhibition of this enthousiastic organisation: Mythos Germania and made a tour underground with the theme Dunkle Welten near U-bahn station Gesundbrunnen. Although all berlin bunkers had been blown up after the war this bunker this bunker has been saved remained since it was part of the Berlin Underground and blowing up would cause too much damage. The Berliners had to go in that bunker while the Allied bombers dropped their bombs on Berlin. And also during the Battle for Berlin people sat their in anxious circumstances without anough oxygen. We were in the Wilhelmstraße and Voßstraße. On these streets was the new Reichskanzlei built by Hitlers architect Albert Speer and was the power centre of the Third Reich. In a side street of the Voßstraße is the place of the Führerbunker. Today only a shield shows the story of this remarkable place. It is a parking place. Nothing can be seen of the Reichskanzlei. In the Wilhelmstrasse I saw the guarded British ambassy. On the Pariser Platz near the Brandenburg Gate is the American ambassy. In Berlin I bought the following books:

Past Finder - Berlin 1933-1945  

Pastfinder - Berlin 1945-1989 

Neue Reichskanzlei und Führerbunker. Legenden und Wirklichkeit 

Dunkle Welten: Bunker, Tunnel und Gewölber unter Berlin