21ste independent parachute company
Airborne Museum
De Koude Herberg
Hemelse Berg
Landingszone 'S'
Oosterbeek Perimeter 1944
Van Borselenweg
Van Lennepweg
War Cemetery
On Saturday, July 4, 2009, the Friends of the Airborne Museum held another Battlefield Tour. This time along the west side of the perimeter. This side of Oosterbeek was mainly defended by the 1st Battalion The Border Regiment. Furthermore, partly by the 21st Independent Parachute Company, Glider pilots and engineering units.

In the morning section we made a bus tour. First we visited landingzone Reijerskamp where a detailed explanation was given. Then we visited the site Lindenhof, where our member Paul Henderson has an exhibition of his collection glider part. With a visit to the ruins of the brick factory at Renkum, where the B Company secured the road Wageningen-Oosterbeek, we completed the morning section.


After an excellent lunch at restaurant Schoonoord followed a walking tour with guides. Peter Gijbels led the participants around the estate Ommershof. Using the excellent maps in the tour guide, supplemented by the stories of Peter could be a good idea of the fighting in the northwest corner of the perimeter. Through the Sonnenberg and the Koude Herberg, where also guides gave an explanation, we looked at the positions of Lennepweg, then through the positions of the Borsselenweg to the Veerweg at the Rhine. Here the conquer by the Germans of the Westerbouwing was told.  Along the Kerkpad, Knuppelhoutweg, Oorsprong, we came back at Schoonoord five hours later. Although a part of this excursion was a familiar road, it appeard that with the explanation given by experts in this area, many remains are still to be seen and that more happened than most participants had expected.