On 11, 12 en 13 August 2017 we made the self organised battlefield Tour 'War in the Museum' with the one and best participant Elly (my wife). We were immersed in the Second World War. We made a wonderful trip and have seen a lot. First we visited War Museum Eyewitness in Beek on 11 August. At night we stayed in hotel Golden Tulip in Weert. On Saterday 12 August we went to Luxembourg. there we visited the imposing Museum of Military History in Diekirch. There was so much to see. We were definitely just on time because it seemed that the museum goes on the shovel unfortunately. We were pleasantly surprised by the low gasoline price of 1.13 euros per liter. On Sunday August 13th we visited the impressive War Museum Overloon. After having enjoyed coffee with a flattery, we have spent three hours wandering through this museum. There was so much to see. Great. We came home with a lot of video's and pictures.
We had to drive through the cities of Dortmund and Düsseldorf in the Ruhr area. During the war, these cities were heavily bombarded by American B-17 bombers during the day and British Lancasters at night. The Ruhr area was the industrial heart of Germany. The Allies wanted to bomb the war industry of Germany with bombings. The offensive against Germany as of September 1944 was also aimed at cutting off the Ruhr area from the rest of Germany. But this did not last as easy as expected. A rapid breakthrough via Nijmegen and Arnhem during Operation Market Garden failed, in the Hürtgenwald, a bitter battle was required from October 1944 to February 1945. The Ardennes Offensive from 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945 also caused delay and only in March 1945 the Americans reached the Rhine.
When we drove over the motorway along Düsseldorf airport, an airplane flew right over us.

War Museum Eyewitness in Beek

On Friday 11 August we visited War Museum Eyewitness in Beek. We received a coffee beverage voucher at a restaurant in Beek. Very nice people there.
To Luxemburg
On Saturday 12 August 2017 we went to Diekirch in Luxembourg to visit the National Museum of Military History. I have often heard that this is a very interesting war museum where much can be seen. Indeed, we looked at our eyes. By means of dioramas on a scale of 1: 1, fighting scenes of the great battle of the Ardennes 1944-45 around Diekirch and the living conditions of the civilian population and the military in the war are depicted. We were just in time because it seemed like a major renovation is coming. Afterwards, we visited the American war cemetery at Hamm, where there was also General Pattons grave.

The route from Weert to Diekirch.


On our way to Luxembourg we also traveled through Belgium along the river Maas. which the Germans wanted to achieve again during the Ardennes Offensive.



The first thing we did in Luxembourg was to fill the tank! Of the gasoline price we were more cheerful than on the expensive island of the Netherlands




Elly in the beautiful town of Diekirch in Luxembourg.

In Diekirch I made a few pictures while we walked from the parking garage to the museum


National Museum of Military History Diekirch

In Diekirch we watched the National Museum of Military History.
After our visit to the war museum in Diekirch we went to the American cemetery at Hamm with the grave of General Patton.

War Museum Overloon

On Sunday 13 August we visited War Museum Overloon. The exposition in the front part is completely reniewed in 2014 and we did not see it untill then. It is an impressive museum in which you walk through the timeline of World War Two in The Netherlands. Remarkable is the chair of NSB-leader Mussert on which he sat at his office at Maliebaan in Utrecht. Impressive photo's fcomplemented with objects of the war years. The second part contains 1:1 diorama's of the Atlantikwall in Normandy and the American army during the Ardennes offensive and the American armey in the Rhineland with a numerous number of army vehicles, tanks and guns. Finally we visited the British War Cemetery Overloon.