On Saturday 22 April 2017 the Association of Friends of the Airborne Museum organized a walking excursion on the landing areas Z, X and Z at Wolfheze. On Sunday, September 17th, the air across the Netherlands was suddenly filled with a lot of aircraft. This day and the day after, Wolfheze landed hundreds of British British gliders and thousands of British parachutes. It was the beginning of what we now call 'The Battle of Arnhem', an operation aimed at conquering the bridge in Arnhem to German occupiers. Prior to this excursion, I visited the Glider Collection on the site of Camping & Chaletpark "De Lindenhof", Wolfhezerweg 111-113, Wolfheze. The Glider Collection Wolfheze shows what a glider was from. Through large original pieces, tangible memories, pictures and stories, GLIDER COLLECTION WOLFHEZE gives insight into the different types of gliders, the use of these gliders and the size of this operation.
What was such a glider and how big was it? What types of gliders were used in September 1944? How were these built in England? How many mansions and equipment could there be? How was it controlled? How did the different parts work? What happened to the gliders after landing? Also see http://www.wolfheze.nl/_Glider/glidermain.htm

More about the Glider Collection Wolfheze on ARS Website.

Then a walk over the landing grounds led by a guide on the areas where the gliders landed and I heard which units were transported. The guide had maps and pictures. Thus, at various locations in the former landing areas, we could see how it should have been.
After the excursion we meet again at the Glider Museum.

American aerial view of Landing Zone S, Wolfheze, September 17, 1944.

Wybo Boersma of the Association Friends Airborne Museum in conversation with Paul Hendriks of Glider Collection Wolfheze, who was our guide during the walking excursion on landing grounds. Note the cake that was provided with delicious coffee. A welcoming welcome.

We collect ourselves to make the excursion across the landing grounds

Wybo Boersma of the Association Friends Airborne Museum who organized this afternoon.