While Oosterbeek is dedicated to the 75th commemoration of Operation Market Garden, on 20 September 2019 we walked the last part of the airbornes' journey from the church in Oosterbeek on the lower village road through the floodplains to the Rhine where they were transferred by boat to the other side where the allies were sitting. In this way they escaped from the Oosterbeek perimeter. Many, however, did not make it. Got killed by artillery and rifle fire or drowned when they tried to swim to the other side. About 2200 men managed to make the crossing. This route was marked by white ribbons, made of parachutes for orientation in the dark. We walk this route too, called the White Ribbon Mile. Ended at the monument the Rhine crossing that recalls September 1944.
After days of bitter fighting, the situation in the Perimeter of Oosterbeek had become untenable.
De webmaster of ARS Website at the monument the Rhine crossing at Oosterbeek

We first visited the church at the Benedendorpsweg in Oosterbeek. Here major Londsdale collected the remaining men while artillery was placed around the church. He organised the last resistance against the advancing Germans around the perimeter formed by the British. The so-called Londsdale Force was formed. Men from various army units were brought together and in this church major Londsdale gave his inspiring speech to encourage the men.
Stanley Maxted of the BBC describes Operation Berlin. The evacuation of the 1st Airborne across the Rhine on the night of 25/26 September 1944.
Along the route where the brave soldiers walked in the dark, white ribbons made of parachutes were stretched for orientation in the dark. Again there was a white ribbon stretched along the route, each with an information board about the operation.
First we had to walk along the Benedendorpsweg and then follow the route.
There were also historic army vehicles.
At this point we started walking the route. In the distance a view on the railway bridge near Oosterbeek.
Nice view of the church of Oosterbeek.
Scene from the film Theirs is the Glory: in the dark the soldiers walk to the river and use the white ribbon for orientation.
View of Oosterbeek from behind.
Looking back, a unique view of Oosterbeek