Atlantikwall Museum Hoek van Holland
Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk
Atlantikwall Museum IJmuiden
Marine Flak Batterie Delfzijl
Marine Flak Batterie Nansum
Marine Flak Batterie Termunten
Marine Flak Batterie Termunten (2)
Heerenduin and Olmen Battery IJmuiden
The year 2010 was marked by the bunker tour. In the Netherlands, along the coast are numerous remains of the Atlantikwall, Hitler began to built it in 1942 with the aim to prevent the Allies to invade the main land of Europe from the sea. The Atlantikwall stretched from Norway to Spain and consisted of numerous bunkers and fortifications. I have visited bunkers in Hoek van Holland, Noordwijk and IJmuiden, but surprisingly there are bunkers closer to home, namely Holwierde, where a few bunkers of Battery Nansum still remain and Batterie Fiemel near Termunten.