Achterhoeks Museum 1940-1945
Airborne Museum Oosterbeek
Airborne Museum St Mere Eglise
Arnhems Oorlogsmuseum
Bunker Museum Emden
Eyewitness Beek
Glider Collection Wolfheze
Hollandsche Schouwburg Amsterdam
Hurtgenwald 1944 und im frieden
Imperial War Museum London
La Bataille de Normandie Bayeux
Liberation Museum Groningen
Military Aviation Museum Soesterberg
Museum vlb Deelen
Museum vlb Deelen 2018
Museum Wings of Liberation Son
National Liberation Museum 1940-1945 Groesbeek
National Military Museum Soesterberg
National Museum of Military History Diekirch
Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam
War Museum Middelstum
War Museum Middelstum 2019
War Museum Overloon
War Museum Overloon 2020
The war museums We have visited. It was in France during my battlefield tours to Normandy. During battlefield tours on Market Garden it was the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek and the Liberation Museum in Groesbeek. I also have visited the War Museum Overloon. In the Marshall Museum is an impressive amount of military equipment from WW2 and the Cold War. There is also the added National Military Museum. A great museum with an extensive collection of military equipment, which depicts the history of the Dutch defense.