On Sunday 27 October 2019 we visited the war museum of Ties Groenewold in Middelstum. This young owner has always been particularly interested in the German side of the Second World War in the province of Groningen. His collection contains many objects from the German coastal batteries on the coast of Delfzijl and Termunten. At Delfzijl was Batterie Delfzijl and at Termunten Batterie Fiemel. In the north of the Netherlands there was heavy coastal defence because of the important German harbour of Emden and the coast of northern Holland was reinforced as a part of the Atlantikwall. Ties Groenewold is often involved in excavations, hence a large collection of archaeological finds.

Since our last visit his collection has once again undergone a considerable expansion. He has also published a booklet with the title 'Flugwache Warffum'.