A guided tour on the cemetery 'Zuiderbegraafplaats' at Groningen along graves of Groninger resistance fighters who were killed by the German occupiers in World War Two. Brave people in several places, plaques or in writings already honored, but more or less unknown barried on this cemetery.
Very different people with very different jobs including lawyer, councilor, officer, warehouse clerk, electrician, officer, nurse, engineer, merchant and police.
Most well known are Pieter Hermannus Everhardus van Dooren, killed in the Kreupelstraat, Sypko Domela Nieuwenhuis, descendant of the famous socialist Domela Nieuwenhuis and Nicolaas Arie Cornelis van Baalen, shot in the Parklaan by the member of the SD Lehnhof .
Guide Henk Bakker leads around and tells the story about the resistance fighters af far as that is to figure out.

Cemetery 'Zuiderbegraafplaats' at Groningen with the great tomb of the Scholten family who owned Scholtenhuis before the war which was used by the Sichterheitsdienst (SD) during the war.
Our guide Jan Bakker guides us along the graves of resistance fighters on  'Zuiderbegraafplaats' at Groningen.
Closing of this memorable afternoon by our guide Jan Bakker.