This afternoon I was at the General Meeting of the Friends Airborne Museum (VVAM) in the Concert Hall at the Rose Lane 1 in Oosterbeek. Important and good to know: the VVAM will continue to exist as it was for 36 years. The Airborne Museum can not and should not determine what the association does. But luckily for what VVAM regards cordial and good cooperation with the museum continues. Let us hope and confidence that the management of the museum and the VVAM each reaches again the hand in the coming weeks and that everything will be okay.
During the meeting we said goodbye to the retreating highly respected board member Robert Voskuil.

Airborne Museum dumps her friends

The board of the Airborne Museum wants of her friends off and instead  a supporters occasionally only for fundraising. I was stunned. So you do not go with your friends. The association within the existing vast knowledge of the Battle of Arnhem, the years of good contacts that are made at home and abroad, among others, the British veterans, it's all as 'not this time' aside. Because of this, I am worried about the future of the Airborne Museum. Expertise disappears as much goodwill. It seems like they are 'ripped from the pot. "To the management of the museum In the past there was a director who upside down the whole museum, so many valuable items and information are gone. Now once again appears to be a new president on a collision course with regard to the survival of the Airborne Museum, which increasingly takes on the character of the entertainement.

If the Airborne Museum wants throughout maximum of money to finance its activities , it might also be an idea to go back to the original mode. Before  the building was put into use a a headquarters by General Urquhart during the Battle of Arnhem in the middle of the perimeter and was used as a field hospital by the British airbornes it was a HOTEL . Make it a museum - hotel . Staying in a historic rustic setting ...