It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Cedric (Ced) Moulton on Thursday 5 November 2019. He became 70 years old. An extraordinarily nice man. I met him a few years ago at the Platform Militaire Historie Ede. He told me about his father in England, who was a member of the British-Canadian Polar Bear Division and liberated Ede on 17 April 1945. He showed me his showcase in the Forge, the clubhouse of Platform Militaire Historie Ede. The display case contained objects belonging to his father. When I came to visit Ede, he always approached me and was always happy to see me. When I was there again on 2 November 2019 to take part in the battlefield tour Operation Pegasus 2, there was also Ced. He came to me and told me that he had come especially for me, because he had seen the name of me and my wife on the list of participants.



In the summer of 2018 I took this picture of Cedric with his showcase.

Cedric handed me a box with pins and a gift voucher of 25 Euro and told me that he was incurably ill and didn't have long to live. Quite a shock for me. And now for the message that Ced died. Rest in Peace Cedric and thanks for the friendship in recent years.

Cedric (Ced) Moulton has worked for many years with great knowledge and experience, as a volunteer of the Platform Military History Ede and the Historical Information Centre "De Forge". With his extensive knowledge of the military history of the municipality of Ede and especially of the British-Canadian operation that resulted in the liberation of the municipality of Ede in 1945, Ced Moulton has made an indelible contribution to the historical knowledge of that period in Ede. Ced was the son of the well-known British veteran and Eden citizen Clifford Moulton, and co-initiator of the annual commemoration of the liberation of Ede on 17 April.
Liberation of Ede by the British Canadian Polar Bear Division.