On Sunday, October 25th, 2015 we were on eyewitness reading Carla Josephus Jitta in the Remembrance center Kamp Westerbork. Carla Josephus Jitta, born in 1931, the consequences of World War II personally experienced. Some members of her family went into hiding, some were killed in concentration camps, others survived because they were married to someone who had no Jewish ancestors. After the war, she took life again, but due to illness was not so easy. How she has shaped her life and how she sees in retrospect, she captured in the book "I struggle and emerge" ... if some accountability and some sort of testament.

Together with her parents and her brother Alfred

Her parents

This letter was the last sign of life of her father

Through Westerbork Carla Josephus Jitta was deported to Theresienstadt. In March 1945 she was part of a deal that had closed between Switserland and Nazi Germany to exchange prisoners for 1500 trucks. So she ended up in Switzerland.

Carla Josephus Jitta signing her book we purshased