The regional broadcasting company RTV Noord was at present...

On Saterday 20 February 2016 we visited the militaria fair at Trefcentrum, prof. Mekelstraat 1-5, Bedum. There was a choice of diverse articles dealing with the Second World War. Helmets, apparel, buttons, logos, books, documents, you name it. Along with Elly watched everything and met some friends. The interest was overwhelming. There were 500 visitors!

Also Wybo Boersma, former director of the Airborne Museum and organizer of battlefield tours was present with a stand.
Ties Groenewold of the War Museum Middelstum had a nice stand.
overwhelming crowds during the militaria fair. There were 500 visitors!

This we bought on the militaria fair. For me a shield 'Blokploeg L.B. (Air Protection Service) and Elly a book with speaking title in Dutch: 'En tóch staat de Martini', translated: 'And yet the Martini', symbol for the survival of the Martini tower at the Grote Markt in Groningen during the Battle of Groningen from 13 t/m 16 April 1945 , when the Market Square and the surrounding streets were destroyed.