Op wednesday 7 october 2020 we went to Oosterbeek and had lunch, bought books at bookstore Meijer & Siegers and visited the impressive Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek.

Books bought at bookstore Meijer & Siegers

Lunch in restaurant Schoonoord, during the fighting in September 1944 British emergency hospital (Dressing Station) and after the war meeting place for veterans.

In 2009 I took this picture of the veterans room in restaurant Schoonoord. This room is no longer there now that there are hardly any veterans anymore.
Then we visited the impressive Airborne cemetery.

The Airborne War Cemetery is a military cemetery, located on the Van Limburg Stirumweg in the Dutch town of Oosterbeek. Officially this cemetery is called Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery. The cemetery is managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).
On this cemetery are buried 1754 soldiers of the Army, Air Force and Navy who died in the period September 1944 to April 1945 (plus some civilians of the CWGC). Most of these people died in the Arnhem area, during the Battle of Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Of the graves there are 1648 of British, 3 of Dutch and 79 of Polish soldiers. Three graves belong to employees of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Four servicemen who lie here bear the highest British military distinction, the Victoria Cross.

Then we also visited the opposite located General Cemetery and the Air Despatch monument a little further down the road.
View from the Air Despatch monument on the Airborne cemetery.
Information board about the beautiful nature reserves MariŽndaal, Boschveld and Lichtenbeek.