On Friday night 20 February 2015 I visited Social Evening of the Friends of the Airborne Museum.A varied program was offered.
Roland Boekhorst, de behoudsmedewerker van het Museum, let us look behind the scenes of the depot, normally closed for visiters.
Marieke Helsen, the curator of the museum  conservator van het Museum gave an explanation of various acquisitions in the archieve. Some interested parties noted that most of the current acquisitions are more related to the life of citizens than the military side of the museum. Seventy years after the battle that is not surprising. Most veterans have died and available stuff come up in private collections like E-bay.
A picture of a family from Oosterbeek who died. On the small picture someone who was friends with a member of the family.
A diary written in the harsh time of the Battle of Arnhem and the following evacuation.
Logbook of the tail gunner on a bomber.
Robert Voskuil was in the Great Hall with its unique photo archive of command Ton Italiaander with view over 800 photos from the Dutch commando unit in England. Corporal Italilaander was in 1944, among others involved in the fighting in Oosterbeek and Zeeland..
The photos could be viewed by viewers, which were also used during the war in order to analyze the aerial photographs. When I looked through I first took that with my left eye, but then also attracted the right eye there and I got to see a very stunningly detailed picture in 3D.

We were looking at the depot of the museum where the employee retention Roland Boekhorststraat an explanation was given on gains in 2014.

I also met there Wybo Boersma and other members of the association and it was an interesting evening with good encounters. Always to be fine in Oosterbeek.