On Friday 15 February 2019, the Association Friends of the Airborne Museum held a theme evening in the Doorwerth Gate. The theme was "Antitank in the Battle of Arnhem". Eugene Wijnhoud gave with the help of Powerpoint a presentation about the use of 9 and 17 pound cannons that were taken by the airbornes in the gliders.
Watching and listening to the presentation about the use of anti-tank guns during the Battle of Arnhem. (Photograph: Arjan Vrieze)
These guns were operated by the Royal Artillery, i.e. artillerymen. The Airlanding Battalions: the 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, the 1st Battalion Border Regiment and the 7th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) had their own Anti-Tank Platoons within their own Support Companies. These were infantrymen. The British 1st Airborne Division got 42 guns of calibre 6 ponder and 16 guns of calibre 17 ponder.
Remarkable was the many interest during this theme evening of the VVAM.
The guns carried by the Airborne Division had a unique name. Like the Gallipoli II at the Van Lennepweg in Oosterbeek. During the battlefieldtour 1st Battalion The Border Regiment It turned out that two pieces of 6 ponder were left behind on the Renkum spring.
The anti-tank guns carried by Lieutenant Frost disengaged a large number of vehicles from Graebner's reconnaissance battalion on the Arnhem bridge.
During the last days of operation Market Garden dies sergeant  John Baskeyfield in a terrible gunfight with German tanks, which he tries to eliminate with his six-pound cannon.
By the British 17 ponder destroyed Char B tank at the Sonnenberglaan in Oosterbeek.
Erik Jellema (VVAM) thanks Eugene Wijnhoud for the fascinating presentation. (Photograph: Arjan Vrieze)