On September 26, 2015 we were at the commemoration Orange Hotel and then we visited the Waalsdorpervlakte On this day, which for us was marked by the resistance during the Second World War in the Netherlands, where many brave resistance fighters who dared to stand against the occupier privilege and freedom, died, it seemed good also to visit the War Cemetery Bloemendaal. The War Cemetery Bloemendaal is a cemetery in the Kennemer dunes, on the Seaway in Overveen in the Dutch municipality Bloemendaal. Here lie buried 347 Dutch resistance fighters, among them Theo van Gogh, Walraven van Hall, John Post, Marinus Post, Hannie Schaft, Johan Brouwer, Willem de Tello, and Gerrit Jan van der Veen. The victims during the Second World War by the Germans buried in different places in the Kennemer dunes, after there or elsewhere in England, such as execution site Rozenoord to be shot.

On a total of 45 locations 422 victims have been found in the dunes. Of these, 347 reburied at the Eerebegraafplaats Bloemendaal; the rest were interred in a family grave or were reburied in the municipality of origin.

Hannie Schaft

Johannes Post