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On Saturday, August 15, 2015 we took part in the battlefield tour Zutphen.

We also received a ticket for the Museum Achterhoeks 1940-1945. This is a surprisingly nice war museum in Hengelo (Gelderland) that the war brings into focus in the Achterhoek. With 1: 1 scale dioramas, objects, and an authentic store is the time of mobilization, the dark years of the war and the liberation made visible. I have made the following photoshoot for ARS Website.

Luftwaffe position during the war.
The resistance made use of secret transmitters to maintain contact with London.
In this show case several pilot equipments.
Posters played an important role in public information.
Falsification. During the war, identity cards and distributing registration cards were copied closely for the benefit of the people in hiding. Women played an important role as a courier to bring the stuff to this address, because they could hide everything under their clothes. Thus, they often came through the German checkpoints.
Elly looks carefully the video on the liberation of the Achterhoek, accompanied by music of Glenn Miller.