On Saterday 13 October 2018 we were again in the interesting museum vlb Deelen. This time with an exhibition about the Messerschmitt 262. The wreckage came to the surface by accident during research on bomb craters that were frequently used as "garbage hole" in the vicinity of the airport. One of the craters contained to everyone's surprise remains of an airplane. The recognition of the type was actually quite simple. The characteristic nose, with the 4 openings for the weapons is unmistakably an ME-262. Also the armoured windscreen is unmistakably Me-262. In addition, 2 (rather rare) MK-108 board guns came to the surface. Now the excavated parts can be seen in the museum. We found that very interesting to see. We also saw the V-1 flying bomb and the part dedicated to the temporary depot of army vehicles of the Canadians after the war.

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Nacht yacht


Hidden pilot


Canadians on Deelen


Deelen in the form of an A

On this field was located the dumping of Canadian army vehicles